Mt Airy Lavender Products

Our products are made with Lavender Essential Oil distilled on the farm.  In addition to its lovely fragrance, lavender is known for its calming and healing benefits.  Lavender reduces stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation and sleep.  Lavender is reported to speed up healing and improve acne and soothe sore muscles.

Did you know that it takes over one pound of lavender buds (flowers) to make one ounce of lavender essential oil?  The distillation process produces lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol (sold as Lavender Water). 

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Distilling Lavender to make Essential Oil

The distillation process starts with our organically grown lavender.  The lavender blooms in June and July.  We harvest the lavender, let it dry and then debud for the distillation.   We debud (remove each lavender flower) by hand.  The buds (dried lavender flowers) are put into the column of the still without touching any water.  The steam flows through the buds to collect the oil. Our lavender is distilled in this copper still imported from Portugal.  


The Many Benefits of Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil can be applied directly to the skin to heal, calm and soothe.  We use Lavender Essential Oil in all of our spa, beauty and doggie products.  With it's low PH,  lavender hydrosol, sold as lavender water, is great as a skin toner and can also be used as a linen spray.